Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Thinking of declaring Bankruptcy in California?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy forgives some or all of your debts so you can start fresh. Debts that can be forgiven include credit cards, medical bills, judgments, even home equity lines of credit! You have to qualify to have your debts forgiven and start fresh. Basically, if you are unable to pay your bills in a timely manner and have not filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the prior eight years, you may qualify to have your debts forgiven and start over again.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy GUARANTEED Fee Calculator

GUARANTY: You'll get full attorney representation to obtain your Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief for the GUARANTEED TOTAL shown below when you provide complete and correct information.

Please fill in the following boxes with the appropriate answers. ‘Gross Monthly Income’ is the average income before taxes from all sources (except Social Security) received during the six months prior to filing your case.  Included in ‘Number of Children’ are any dependents (other than your spouse) that live in your household.  When you’re done, feel free to print this page and bring it with you to your first appointment.  You do not need to bring any other paperwork to the first meeting. If you decide to proceed, we will pull your credit report and download all those creditors into our computer.

Details   Each Total
Ch 7 Bankruptcy - Full Attorney Representation   965 965
Are you married? (Enter 1 for Yes) 100
Do you live with your employed spouse OR are you filing jointly? (Enter 1 for Yes) 100
Number of Children    
Gross Monthly Income    
Number of Real Estate Parcels 100
Number of Vehicles Loans 50
Number of Businesses Owned 100
Means Test 200
Court Filing Fee   335 335
GUARANTEED TOTAL for Ch 7 Bankruptcy Relief  

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