Our Guarantee

We cannot guarantee the outcome of any legal matter.
However, we do GUARANTEE:

  1. Fast relief
  2. Low cost
  3. 100% satisfaction with our fees and services

Before it costs you anything, we'll help you determine your best legal options. We'll put in writing exactly what we will do for you, and guarantee we’ll do it and you’ll be 100% satisfied or your money back. It's that simple.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of any legal matter for any reason including:

  1. The court may dismiss or deny your case for your failure to make full and complete disclosures or other reasons.
  2. The court may disapprove of discharging of any or all of your debts, may disapprove certain exemptions, retaining certain assets, or may grant challenges by creditors or others.
  3. You may fail to do something required such as accurate disclosure of debts, completing your forms on time or attending hearings as scheduled.