Fees - Fixed Price Legal Services

$100 is all it takes to get started and be able to say “Call my lawyer!”

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:As low as $965 plus the court filing fee of $335 (unless waived)

The Bankruptcy Court charges a filing fee of $335. The real skill in preparing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and all the schedules that go along with it is to take advantage of every possible exemption so you can keep your assets and discharge your debts. That’s where our years of experience pays off for you. Our fees are typically less than half of what other attorneys charge because we are more efficient. Included in our fee is attorney representation at the 341(a) Meeting of Creditors (they all get invited but nobody ever shows up). For a guaranteed fixed price quote for your Chapter 7, feel free to use our exclusive on-line fee calculator

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

For Chapter 13, your pre-filing payment may vary from $690 to $1,690, and the filing fee is $310. The trustee will pay us any additional attorney fees out of the plan payments he receives. (This is due to the additional work required to develop an acceptable Chapter 13 Plan and have it confirmed by the Court, and the fact that we remain your attorney of record for the duration of your Plan.)

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be a very complicated and expensive process ... usually at least $20,000 to start.

But the benefits for individuals are substantial.

Fixed-Price Services and Fees:
Low fixed fees, no surprises. Pay by credit card or a flexible payment plan that fits your budget. We'll put in writing exactly what we will do for you, and guarantee we'll do the work, fast, friendly, and efficiently. It's that simple.

Free Initial Consultation?
Yes, your first meeting with an experienced attorney is free. You'll learn what all your legal options are and get the advice you need to choose your best option. . You don't need to bring any paperwork or information to the initial consultation. You will receive a questionnaire where you will tell us all about your income, expenses, assets, etc.; and once you are a client, we will take the phone calls from your creditors and confirm that you have retained an attorney to handle your bankruptcy. We will also download your credit report and store all your creditors in our computer.

Typical Retainer:
You can have us start working immediately to get you the relief you need for as little as a hundred dollars. We can accept check/debit cards and/or credit cards from family or friends. Unfortunately, we cannot accept your credit card to begin your bankruptcy because it could be looked upon as a form of fraud wherein you "borrowed" the funds with no intention of repaying.